Friday, November 7, 2008

Organic Machine- Tree House

Design Statment:
Organic Machine, Making your Nature, and Nature your Making.

A machine like structure protruding out from the trees, forming part of the trees, creating spaces in the trees.

Wall taking reference from the branches of trees, repeating on 5 sides of the cube sloping down to the corner. Many first impression of this is, why is the building tend to fall? The initial idea is to create a flat roof (to keep the joints simple), at the same time allow water to run off due to local tropical climate.

The meaning behind this "fall" that did not spoken to client is the sculpture to see what people think about the battle of "Mankind power vs Natural Forces" (the anti Gravity).

Up to this time, many reacts to find the structure should have sit still and not tend to fall, and not fallen. !

But, the question is, ... should Man dominant it.?

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