Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Frank Gehry, The real Artist

This post is specially for friends who are not in architecture/ construction field. remember him, Frank gehry..and talk to me when we yam cha or lim teh..his work is really interesting~~ so Check it out! gaga!!

"my name is frank gehry, and my building don't leak"-Frank O. Gehry

This is him...

This is Gehry's House...

This is the dancing house in praque. my favourite work of his. Breaking the norm of the site, breaking the proportion of neighbour, creating its owns datum lines.. makes the dancing house dances at the corner of the street.... more to go~~~

this is one of his hotel wichi i donno the name..but it frank had put his signature on it.

This seems bit out of his style, but the attitude of disconstructivism cannot hide.

I donno what the hell is this.. but the rythm of it makes me feel like to move with it. A.K.B.K sure will kinda like it very much!!

This funny fish is the sculpture he makes a joke to his client.. where the patrons of the multi billion dollars hotel will be facing the ass hole of the fish... Gaga...

i dono this building... but i know the architect of it when i first saw it... who done this?

This looks like the turning torso by calatrava.. but... no comment!!!

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain... do some research of this work.. this is Gehry's master piece. this is one of the once in my life (where i must go before i die)...

This is the Walt Disney Concert hall... try to find out the welcoming curve and tell me if u got it.. (only people with artistic value could see it.) if u watch chipmunks, for sure it looks very familiar to you!!

alright... is time to stop.. is a challenge to list all gehry's works, especially with comments and description. coz sometimes i don even konw what the building speaks. but is the language own by frank gehry..salute to him..

gaga. gotta put my signature on this too.. Gaga!!

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